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The Best Synthetic Urine Kits of 2020: The Ones that Work

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What You will know here about Synthetic Urine Kits?

Everything about fake pee. We have done for you, how you can choose the best synthetic urine kit? When you are subject to a drug test, panic might ensure if you have recently used drugs.  This can be a tricky situation.  For this reason, people often take to the internet, pounding the keyboards, looking for information on “synthetic urine belts” or “best synthetic urine for truck drivers.”

If that’s you, and you ended up here, welcome.  We are your people.  We get it.  You need synthetic urine.  We’re not here to ask questions.  We’re here to answer them.  That we will in this handy guide!

Times are tough out there.  We get it.  We’ve been there, too!  For that reason, we are going to outline our findings and feelings on the 4 best synthetic urine kits of 2020.

Synthetic Urine#1 Sub Solution#2 Quick Luck#3 Quick Fix#4 Powdered Urine
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Track Record:5 / 55 / 53 / 54 / 5
Reliability5 / 55 / 54 / 53.5 / 5
Quality4.8 / 55 / 53 / 53 / 5
Average Ratings4.9 / 54.8 / 54 / 53.9 / 5
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So… what are the recommended brands for synthetic urine for a drug test in 2020?

The number one measure used to determine the value of these synthetic urine kit brands is whether or not they work.  If they can’t be depended upon to do what they claim, then they are going to be a waste of money.

More than that, they are going to put you at an incredibly awkward position when the drug test results come back “fail” or “positive.”  If you are using this synthetic urine for personal pleasure, well, let’s just say you should get all the right bang for your buck.

Truck drivers who need synthetic urine swear by these products:

If you are looking for a synthetic urine kit from a place like NZ (New Zealand) or the UK (United Kingdom), you’ve come to the right place.

One of the best synthetic urine brands is Clear Choice Sub Solution.

Synthetic urine is fake.  It isn’t real urine that came out of somebody else’s body who doesn’t use drugs.  It was cooked up in a lab.  For that reason, you want to be sure it doesn’t look, smell, or test as fake.  If it does, you may find yourself out of luck.

Clear Choice’s “Sub Solution” stands out from the rest of the synthetic urines out there on the market today.  It has the right levels of biological materials (urea, uric acid, etc.) to make sure that the product seems like the real deal right off the bat.

urine work at Quest Diagnostics
You can also get the package of Sub Solution + Practice kit

The best part is that the company knows that these lab technicians are slippery folk.  The kit prepares a stronger and more life-like synthetic urine formula year after year.

It is funny to think about a bunch of professionals sitting around in their white coats with their adorable little clipboards trying to prefect the recipe for synthetic urine, yet that’s what they do.

They seriously think of everything.  They look everything the lab technician looks at:  specific gravity, pH, smell, etc.  It is a labor of love.

Since 2017, Sub Solution has been voted one of the best synthetic urines in town.  That ought to tell you something right there.

Will this synthetic urine work at Quest Diagnostics or LabCorp?

We need to stop the review for a moment to tell you something about urine review kits. When it comes to synthetic urine, whether for Quest Diagnostics or LabCorp, you get what you pay for.

In other words, if you buy cheap, sketchy products, you might as well submit a bottle of powered lemonade for your urine sample.

If you want something that is going to work, for sure, then you need to be prepared to pay a pretty penny.

What comes in the synthetic urine kit by Clear Choice?

If you look at the picture above, you will see a few different materials come in the kit.  You will get a vial with the solution.  You will receive a plastic bottle.  Finally, you will find the patented “heat activator.”

Why do you need something to bring the heat?  Well, you know what they say… if you can’t stand the heat, then don’t do drugs before a drug test.

No, all jokes aside, this is to make sure the synthetic urine sample is about 96°F(as would be a real sample).

How do I use the Clear Choice Urine Kit?

As would any responsible blogger, we’re going to mention that you most likely want to follow the directions that came with the kit.  These products change, and we’re not the inventor of the product.  Nevertheless, here is the gist of the procedure:

  1. Put lukewarm tap water in the bottle until the cap line.
  2. Mix in the material that is in the vial. Stir/shake lightly.  You will do this less than eight hours before you want to use the synthetic urine as a sample.
  3. You can add the heat activator (about 1/3 of the mixture) before submitting the sample OR keep the bottle close to your body long enough so that it absorbs your body heat.

The time it takes to mix everything together is about five minutes or so.

Be careful that you don’t mix the materials together too early or else the sample will be gross and smelly.  If it smells like stale urine, somebody might think that you are cheating on your drug test with old urine!

What’s fantastic about Clear Choice is that they know that people will be nervous about doing a junior high chemistry experiment when trying to fake a passing drug screen.  That’s why they offer a practice kit.

Most people learn by doing (kinesthetic learners unite).

If you want to learn something fast, learn by playing.  Put on your lab coat and your rubble gloves, because you’re going to have a blast concocting some synthetic urine.  Practice makes perfect.

Do the practicing until you’re comfortable.  You can’t pull this synthetic urine heist off if your hands sweat so much you start dropping things in the bathroom.

Clink. Clank. Clunk.Hey, what’s going on in there?  Busted!

Just relax, stay calm, and practice.

Clear Choice Synthetic Urine kit

How much does the Clear Choice Synthetic Urine kit cost?

It costs a pretty penny, as we said before.  It might run you about eighty big ones ($80 USD).  Considering the costs of a failed drug test, we’d say it is money well spent, especially considering its general reliability!

What’s the next best fake urine for a drug test in 2020?

It’s your lucky day!Think fast!  Try Quick Luck!

If you got nervous thinking about mixing and stirring, vials and beakers, chemistry and biology, all while in the bathroom of some unfamiliar laboratory, brace yourself. Something good is coming…

In 2019, Clear Choice, the makers of the Sub Solution, realized that some people out there needed a premixed option… hence, Quick Luck! Read Full Review for Quick Luck synthetic urine here.

This synthetic urine came to the market last year in 2019.  If you read the directions for the Sub Solution and felt overwhelmed, then this is the product for you.  You will skip steps one and two.

Can you feel the heat?  That part of the equation still lingers.  You’ll need to use a heating pad or keep that little bottle nestled firmly somewhere in your body where it will stay nice and toasty… to the tune of about 96°F.  Most people just buy a synthetic urine belt to keep it on their waste or leg.

Here’s a picture of the product:


Quick Luck product pic
You can also get the package of Quick Luck + Practice kit


Right from the get-go, you will notice that kit appears much easier to use.  You see the premixed solution in the little bottle with the thermometer on it.  That bottle looks so safe and secure.  It always has the perfect golden glow to convince a lab technician that this synthetic urine is the real deal.

As we stated before, the best when you have questions about a product is to refer to the directions themselves.  Whatever the company says goes!  Be sure to read the directions once or twice at home before heading out to the drug test site.  You don’t want to be fumbling when you’re nervously preparing the sample!

Additionally, you don’t have to add water!  This can save you a lot of headaches.  Did you know that some labs don’t even have a sink in the area where you take the drug screen?

What does this kind of synthetic urine cost?

You are paying for convenience on this one, kids!  It costs about $100.00.  That’s a small price to pay if it means avoiding legal consequences or job loss.

If you’re going to use this stuff at home for yourself, maybe the quick access is what will sell you on this particular product.

How to Choose the Best Fake Urine?

When it comes to choosing the best fake urine, synthetic urine, golden pee, special blend, or whatever you want to call it these days, you need to make a wise decision.

Look for the following factors:  positive reviews from real people, laboratory-tested results, a name you can trust, and a price tag you can afford.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again… you get what you pay for in the world of synthetic urine.  There are a lot of duds out there!  $20, $30, $40 products that simply just don’t work.

That isn’t the case with Quick Fix by Spectrum Labs!

This blend has become famous in its own right!  Quick Fix synthetic urine review is truly one of the most popular go-to names that people mention when talking about the who’s who of synthetic urine.

The price tag is a little lower than the other mentions on the list… coming in at a reasonable forty dollars ($40 USD).

You hear a lot of stories about “bad batches.”  When the company who produces synthetic urine has “human error,” you may have a failed drug test.  Quick Fix hasn’t been immune to this (we’re looking at you, 2016).

The company survived the incident and still stands as a reliable contender today.

Quick Fix by Spectrum Labs


We recently dug up some reviews on the internet, and most people have been happy with the results.  The test solution is easy to set up.  The temperature comes out correctly with the right planning, and voila, one clean drug screen!

Can I use Powdered Urine for a Drug Test?

The short answer is yes, you can!  It is true thanks to TestClear.

Testclear synthetic Urine Kit


Take a look at the “Urine Simulation with Powdered Urine Kit.”  Have you ever seen such beauty?  It really makes you stop and think.

You know how in the kitchen you can throw in some kind of powder, maybe in with some water or milk, and suddenly you have cheese sauce, mashed potatoes, or tomato soup?  That’s how this works.

There is a powered urine that, when mixed with water, is easily confused for the real deal.  If it smells like urine, and looks like urine, then it’s probably urine.

The chemicals are all in order from these experts.  You will have the right amount of uric acid floating around in that little plastic cup!

All you have to do is mix the powder with room-temperature water (about 70°F).  About an hour before, make sure that heater is going so that the test strip temperature reads accurately… about 96°F.

Remember that if you’re able to start with room temperature water, you’re going to need to give it about 45 minutes to reach that safe zone.  If the water is cooler, it will take longer.  The temperature timing is the hardest part for many people.

Here’s what comes in the kit:

  • Guaranteed-to-be-drug-free powdered urine
  • Plastic medical liquid receptacle
  • Heater kit (six-hour duration)
  • Thermometer
  • Directions (with some tricks of the trade)

You shouldn’t add too much tap water now, or you else you might dilute your sample.  That can raise a red flag for the lab!

The product is actually sold as a solution for drug test machine calibrators.  That is a good sign.  It’s also a pretty fun explanation.  It certainly makes it sound trustworthy!

The company even offers educator discounts for those who buy in bulk.  School is in session!

Now is the time to buy the best synthetic urine.

This has been quite the journey from start to finish.

Along the way, we’ve encountered a lot of useful information.  We heard about why people will use synthetic urine.  We heard about how the products are sold the guise of a multi-purpose product.  And it isn’t a lie.  Some people really do use these products to clean machines and for personal activities.

We asked good questions, and we reviewed some great products.

If you’re still on the fence about buying synthetic urine for a drug test in 2020, we say just go for it.

What do you have to lose at this point?  If you’ve got the money for a great top-of-the-line product, splurge.  If you can’t risk losing an opportunity over this pesky old drug test, then you’re going to need to take the order seriously.

If you can only afford a $50 option, then go with what you can afford.  The bad batch thing only happened one time in 2016.

We hope that one day the world is a less judgmental place.  In the future, our children will live in peace if they want to order synthetic urine – they shouldn’t have to worry whether it comes in a discrete package!  Neighbors should just mind their own darn business.  Live and let live.  Accept thy neighbor!

We would like to live in a land where drug tests themselves are illegal.  If you fail a drug screen, you don’t need to be punished.  You need to be helped.

If your drug usage is totally under control and purely recreational, who is a company or government to give you a drug test, to condemn you to some kind of second-class citizen lifestyle, just because the real world they so generously created got to be such a bore?

Can I find a synthetic urine kit on websites like Amazon?

Sure, of course you can.  You can find almost anything for sale these days on the internet!

Before we get into our reviews, where to buy synthetic urine, and so on, we are going to take a moment to survey the situation at hand.

You might feel panicked right now about an impeding drug test.  Today, people are consuming marijuana and other drugs for leisure, fun, or for other reasons (like self-medication).

We are not here to judge why you use drugs, that you use drugs, or that you want to hide your drug use from the person conducting the test.

These situations aren’t the problem at hand.  The problem at hand is that you want to have synthetic urine readily available to help turn up clean drug test results.

By the way, who even said you want it for a drug screening.  Many people use synthetic urine for medical studies and procedures, gags, pranks, sexual activities, or as a prop for a play.

Will you find that synthetic urine on retail websites on the internet?  Perhaps! You just have to be certain that it works.  Failing a drug test because you submitted synthetic urine can be more embarrassing than actually just failing the drug test without tampering with the outcome.

How does synthetic urine work for a drug test?

This is the million-dollar question, isn’t it?  Does using synthetic urine work for a drug test?

The answer is that you need to find a reliable brand if you are going to go this route.  After souring the internet’s hundreds of product reviews, we’ve compiled some information to give you the skinny on what brands work when it comes to synthetic urine for drug tests.

synthetic urine test tube

Urine that has traces of the biomarkers that indicate drug use are going to cause you to fail a drug test.  If you do drugs before a drug screen, your body will be in the process of eliminating those drug molecules.  The presence of these molecules,or their byproducts, in the urine indicates that drug use has occurred.

When we talk about synthetic urine, we’re referring to clean urine that has been tested in a laboratory.

We have heard so many rumors about people using “fake urine” to dupe the lab.

Is it real?  Does it work?  Says who?  How?

Modern people with an inquisitive nature are going to have these types of questions before feeling confident enough to use the product themselves.

We were curious, too.  We did some digging.  Here is what we found.

Part of the problem is that most people feel guilty about lying when they use synthetic urine.  We’re not here today to launch into an ethical debate over the use of these products.  If you don’t like lying, then don’t use the synthetic urine.

Here are two options in front of you if you want to be honest right now:

  1. Simply admit that you have used drugs recently and that you are going to fail the test.

You can also take the test and then admit that you have used drugs.

urine test safety gloves

If neither of these situations are going to work out for you, then you may find yourself in a real bind.Confidence is key, however.

Part of the way drug test technicians do their job is to observe your behavior and appearance as well.  Perhaps they don’t do this to be fair and impartial, but the subconscious effect will still happen.

They will take a look at you fidgeting, nervously checking your phone, sweating, breathing hard, stammering, and they will know something is amiss.  If you don’t do drugs, you wouldn’t be nervous about the outcome.

FAQ on Synthetic Urine:

How is it legal to sell synthetic urine?

Well… they’re not selling it to be used to produce incorrect results for a drug screening, per se.

For example, some products are used a machine calibrator.  There are others who use it for sexual activities.  In some places, you might even see it sold as something “perfect for pranks!”

People on the internet are claiming that up to 90% of the sales for synthetic urine are for passing a drug test.

How do they make synthetic urine?

What a fun question, curious cat… sniffing around the litter box.  We love it.

Real urine should be what? Yellow or golden, be water-based, have organic and inorganic matter.  Then again, what’s the difference between chicken broth and urine?

We’re answering a question with a question.  Urine is a natural product of the body containing many things like urea, creatinine, ammonia, and other interesting little molecules.  It can also contain traces of drugs and other products we consume in our diets.

Synthetic urine needs to be all that and more… well, nothing more, nothing less. Exactly the same, and it is!

More or less, synthetic urine is made by creating a detailed chemical mixture that mirrors human urine so closely that most machines and professionals alike usually fail to tell the difference.

Urine, in science, is a result of a little something known as the metabolism (yes, the thing that makes us gain or lose weight sometimes).  It contains uric acid, urea, etc.

Here’s the thing.  It also has a pH and a specific gravity.  If these things are off with synthetic urine, you’ve got a “bad batch.”  That actually happened to a bunch of products in 2016.

As far as we’re concerned, when somebody asks what is synthetic urine, we joke, “What’s so synthetic about it?”

Does Synthetic Urine work for a drug test?

Here’s the good news if you’re trying to pass a drug test: yes.  Here’s the bad news if you’re a lab technician or concerned citizen: yes.

Okay, so it does work pretty well (at least the top-quality synthetic urines, that is).  However, using it for a drug test sample is your decision, and your decision alone.  Best of luck.  Choose wisely.

If you have a problem with drugs, perhaps searching the internet for synthetic urine could be an indicator that things are in fact getting out of hand.  Not always. It’s not always true.  We just wouldn’t be a good friend if we didn’t offersome unsolicited advice along the way.

Why can’t the lab techs tell it is “fake piss in their cup”?

They’re smart, but they’re not that smart.  They are looking for things on a checklist, the way they’ve been trained.

They’ve also been trained not to judge you based on your appearance.  They know it isn’t their judgment call.

All they do is answer the checklist.  Here’s what’s on it:

  • Specific gravity: you want results in the normal range.
  • Creatinine levels: If they’re too low, the urine is fake or the patient has a kidney problem that needs to be addressed.
  • Uric acid: If it’s out of range, too high, or too low, something funny’s going on.
  • Temperature: This is an obvious giveaway. If the temperature is reading at 82°F, they will know you’re up to no good.  You can’t expect to turn in a cold sample.  Shoot for 94°F to 100°F as a rule of thumb.

Where Can You Buy Synthetic Urine?

Ah, it’s what you’ve all been waiting for… where to find this golden product.  How much is this synthetic urine going to run you?

Break out those credit cards because the world of synthetic urine is not a cheap one.

If you see products that are under $45-$50, buyer beware!  You are not getting a good price.

  • Buy from reliable suppliers on the internet. Look for a professional and friendly website with an informative blog.
  • Check for a catalogue that offers you a variety of brands; that way, you know you’re dealing with somebody who has done their homework.
  • If they only sell one brand, the seller is biased and could potentially be part of some pyramid scheme to sell a cheap knockoff that doesn’t even work.

You can find it in some stores, but it is hard to find and embarrassing to ask about (for some people).  If you have no other option, well, then there is no other option!

Think about the reasons that people order synthetic urine for a moment.  For a sexual activity, to pass a drug test, for a prank, just to have “on hand.”  Well, this is a product that requires a little discretion, let’s just say.  Packages are delivered, by reputable firms, unmarked for your privacy.

How Much does Synthetic Urine Cost?

You will see this product on the market for $30 and under. Definitely avoid those products if you’re serious about using this for a life or death situation.

Even if you just want a product that smells and feels like the real thing, you’re going to be investing a minimum of $40-$45.  The best products are almost $100.  It isn’t chump change in the fake piss game.

Stock up on practice kits, too.

Some companies offer bulk discounts if you need to go shopping for you and a couple of buddies.

We’re going to make one thing clear for the non-economists in the room.  If you have to take a drug test for a job-related reason, and the choices are $100 synthetic urine OR full loss of income and tarnished record, well… you’re going to do what you’re going to do, aren’t you?  You’re only human.

What is the ideal temperature for synthetic urine?

Urine screenings are a science.  The urine comes out at about the same temperature of your body (where it has been sitting in your bladder, remember?).

You need it to be about 96°F.  It might even be a little warmer, like 100°F.  Not more than that though (unless you are ready to be diagnosed with a fever and put in quarantine).  If it’s way too hot, they’ll know the urine sample is fake.

ideal warm temperature for urine drug test

How do Professional Synthetic Urine Users reach that ideal warm temperature?

They have their tricks.

  • Body contact. Hold the bottle of synthetic urine close to body long enough, and through heat transfer, the liquid will become the temperature of your body. It is hard to pull off, literally.  The bottles leak or appear bulky.  Synthetic Urine Belts are available online.
  • Heat pads. The heat pads keep those suckers warm and toasty for a few hours!
  • Heat activator. If you’ve always watched scientists hold beakers on television and thought “wow, I wish that were me,” well now is your chance.  You mix in a solution that creates a chemical reaction that heats up the liquid to the correct temperature.
  • The good, old microwave trick. It isn’t a great idea because you’re totally going to kill the mood by sticking that bottle in the microwave.  Not to mention, you could burn somebody with that boiling hot urine.  Yikes!

How long can I use a Synthetic Urine Product after buying it?

This is a great question.  Keep them coming!

Many people buy in bulk.  You never know.  If this is your case, then be prepared to use that stuff within two years.  Some people say three, but why chance it?

If you want synthetic urine, then you want the real deal, right?  Anything will be weird.

By the way, if you mix the urine and intend to use as a solution, the “shelf life” is much shorter.  Somewhere between one to eight hours depending on the product you have.

The good news is that in the United States, some local governments are reexamining their drug test policies and laws.

Around the world, people are slowly coming around to destigmatizing many previously taboo situations and activities.  Perhaps buying synthetic urine on the internet will one day be on that list of actions that should not be judged.

It’s already on ours.

Good luck out there, folks!

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