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Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Reviews

 Who would not like to pass the drug test without any disturbances? Isn’t it? Passing the drug test is a tough job when you consume cannabis regularly. However, sub solution synthetic urine with clear choice is their last chance. 

Synthetic urine is the one that is growing in popularity nowadays. Do you know even when you consume weed rarely, the drug test shows positive results for THC? So, one should take several precautions before going for a drug test. 

At that time, synthetic urine is the best choice. Especially, sub-solution synthetic urine by clear choice, works best. However, with growing technology and advancement in laboratory works, the drug administrators are now able to identify whether the urine is natural or artificial. 

Don’t worry. Here is the good news. Sub-solution synthetic urine helps you out even in tough situations. All you need to do is just know what it is and how to use it. 

clear choice sub solution reviews

Before going deep into the sub-synthetic urine, you should know what actually synthetic urine is. Want to know more about it? If yes, then here are the complete sub solution synthetic urine reviews. Just dive deeper into the article and pass the drug test happily. 

Are you ready? Come on…

What Is Synthetic Urine?

Have you ever listened to the word “fake pee”? Yup. Then it’s nothing but synthetic urine or laboratory urine. Wait, let me explain to you in detail here. 

It’s artificial urine that imitates the human urine in all the physical and chemical properties. So, it’s quite hard to differentiate between the two. Do you know all the major components in the human urine also found in synthetic urine or fake pee?

So, using quick luck fake pee for the drug test has become the most common process. The major components that are found in both human and synthetic urine are uric acid, ammonia, sulfates, urea, creatinine, etc. 

The reason why it’s difficult to differentiate the human and synthetic urine is both the pH levels and specific gravity are also the same. Usually, these are found in several forms such as dried powders, pre-mixed solutions, etc. 

Like any other product, these synthetic urine kits also expire with time. So, one should definitely replace the older synthetic urine with a new one.  

If you are still unable to believe the importance of synthetic urine in your drug test, you should know its major components. Want to know why it’s almost similar to human urine?

Major components of synthetic urine:

The chemists mix the several chemicals in an adequate amount to prepare the synthetic urine. It will be in liquid form. It has four major components. These include color, creatinine level, temperature, and pH level. 


Fake pee cannot be in any color such as pink, violet, purple., white, etc. Because human urine cannot be in any color other than yellow. Isn’t it? So, chemists mix the composition in such a way that it’s similar to the real urine of a human. 

In general, it will be pale-yellow or yellowish. So, you no need to worry about its color as it exactly looks like real urine color. 

Creatinine level:

The human body consists of a certain level of creatinine. So, human urine also consists of a few amounts of creatinine. This is the reason why chemists add a few amounts of creatinine to the fake pee. 

The approximate creatinine level in most men lies between 0.6 to 1.2 mg/dL. While the women have 0.5 to 1.1 mg/dL of creatinine. 


After the above two aspects, here comes the next important factor temperature. Chemists in the laboratory test the temperature of the real urine. And then add several chemicals for the synthetic urine to make it temperature nearer to real urine. 

pH level:

Like the above factors, the chemists maintain the pH level of synthetic urine similar to that of real human urine. 

All these factors make the synthetic urine as real urine in both physical and chemical composition. So, don’t you think using synthetic urine in the drug test is the fastest and easiest way to pass the drug test? 

This is all about the components of the synthetic urine. Now the next biggest problem comes with choosing the best synthetic urine. 

How to choose the best synthetic urine?

Choosing the best synthetic urine depends upon several factors such as temperature, color, uric acid, dealer, and shelf life. However, we make your choice easier and straight forward. Because here is the sub-solution synthetic urine. 

Sub-solution synthetic urine has everything similar to real urine. Here is more about the sub solution synthetic urine reviews.

Sub Solution With Practice Kit Combo

What is Clear Choice Sub-Solution Urine?

Sub-solution synthetic urine is the top synthetic urine in the market that ensures a good drug test even if you consume weed daily. The price of this clear choice sub-solution urine is 80 USD. 

No more worries about how to pass the drug test. All you need to know is how to use this clear choice sub-solution synthetic urine. No more fearing or tension on whether you pass the drug test or not. The only final result you get is a negative test for drugs. 

It has the same physical and chemicals including color, pH level, temperature, and even creatinine levels. So, use this clear choice sub-solution to pass the drug test easily. 

Nothing is perfect in this universe. So, this product also has a few pros and cons. Want to know?


  • Most reliable and trustable for over 17 years. 
  • 100% track records of passing the drug test efficiently. 
  • Undetectable product because of its biocide-free formula.
  • The product has a patented heat activator


  • High cost
  • Not so easy to use

These are the few pros and cons. However, the craze for the clear choice sub-solution is endless compared to other synthetic urine in the market. This is all because of its negative results for drugs, accurate physical, and chemical compositions. 

Here is more about how it works? Find out more by scrolling down.

How will it best work in This Year?

Back in the days, it was pretty easy to pass the drug test using synthetic urine. All you need to do is just get the fake pee to the right temperature. But what is the right temperature that you need to pass the drug test? 

It lies in between 94F to 100F. However, several synthetic urines are available in the market. But they sometimes give bad results. Who would like to experiment on themselves during the drug test? 

So, it’s always better to use the best synthetic urine that is trustworthy and reliable as clear choice sub-solution synthetic urine. This is impossible to detect due to its composition. 

Moreover, it has tested negative for THC chemicals in several drugs. The two major things such as right temperature and zero biocides in synthetic urine say that Clear Choice Synthetic Urine is the best to use. 

In general, a few employers pay an extra charge for the biocides test. Usually, several synthetic urines have a few biocides. Don’t worry. The Clear Choice Synthetic Urine does not contain any biocides. 

Also, when you use cheap fake pee, you will sweat a lot, and sometimes you might fail the test. However, the most reliable and trust-worthy fake pee kit of Clear Choice Sub-Solution helps you to gain confidence. Hence, this helps you get positive results. 

Another best thing about this sub-solution is that it maintains accurate temperature. Unlike other synthetic urines, this sub-solution comes with the perfect heater. So, you need to use heat pads, a microwave, and warm water to heat it. 

Usually, the Clear Choice Sub-Solution Synthetic Urine has a heat activator, Lithium Chloride granules that raise the temperature of the fake pee in between 94F to 100F. 

This is all about the clear choice sub solution synthetic urine reviews. You can also detox your body using natural detoxification methods. However, we are here to provide you the best detox products. 

If you wish to pass the drug test, then this sub solution synthetic urine will help you a lot. However, here are the few frequently answered questions to clear a few more queries of the customers. 


  1. Is fake pee gender-specific?

No. Usually, the fake pee is for both men and women. It’s not gendered specific. Because it can balance and adjust itself with gender characteristics.  In simpler words, it’s unisex. 

  1. How long can I store the synthetic urine once the seal is opened?

You can keep it aside for 8 hours after you open the seal. You can use it, put it in a fridge for 48 hours, or put it in the freezer for over 6 months. 

  1. When should I reheat the urine sample?

In general, it’s no need to reheat. But if you keep it in the fridge after you have opened the seal, then you have to reheat it for just 7 seconds. 

  1. Can I return the product if I haven’t used it?

You can return the product only if it has less shelf life(before 6 months). Also, the company takes returns only if it is not opened. 

  1. How to use the heat activator powder?

Open the powder and tap it to loosen the powder. Then, take 1/8th of the powder into the vial’s cap. Finally, add it to the urine. Make sure you do not overpour it.  Then, shake it for 10-15 seconds. 

Check the temperature and do this process until you get the temperature in between 94F to 100F. If your temperature strip isn’t showing any temperature, this means the sample is too hot or cold. 

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