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Quick Fix Reviews: Mostly Good With Only 2 Failures

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What is Quick Fix Plus used?

Every now and then, we all find ourselves in a bind.

A surprise drug test can ruin a day, our week, or even our year. Quick Fix is there for you.

If you’ve got a few days to prepare yourself for a drug test, you might consider a detox.

You might also consider purchasing fake pee, also known as synthetic urine.  That’s where many people learn about the surprising success of products like Quick Fix Plus.

What is Quick Fix Plus? It is a solution that creates synthetic urine.  It used for two different situations most of the time:

  1. To create a fake urine solution for pranks, jokes, and sexual activities (golden showers, etc.).
  2. To pass a drug test, some people use Quick Fix Plus synthetic urine.



Does the Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Kit Work?

On Monday, January 27, 2020, Duane Pohlman of WKRC, Cincinnati Local 12 released a report explaining the product and how it works.  According to the results of the investigation, Quick Fix 6.2 Plus was able to dupe the computer testing system.

The article warns this could have dangerous results for some drug users.  If people are suffering in silence with drug addiction, using synthetic urine to pass a drug test could enable them to continue down a risky path without intervention.

quick fix plus reviews


What does reddit say about Quick Fix Plus in 2020?

When you want to know the truth about something, one of the best things to do is to use a search engine to find articles on reddit written by real people who have no reason to fudge the truth on their perspective.

In this case, you might try typing something like reddit review Quick Fix results 2020 into a search engine.

What will you find?  We’ve done a little digging, and here is what turned up…

One user, blackkmirrorr, left a post in February 2020.  She claims that she used Quick Fix, and it worked just fine!

In fact, in her own words, she writes: “UPDATE: I PASSED. It took like 5 days but I finally heard back from my new employer and I passed! I can now 100% say that Quick Fix WORKS! I start my new job next week! :)”

Sealed with a smiley face!


Can I buy Quick Fix Plus Synthetic Urine on Amazon?

Straight Answer is no, instead of that you can buy here from us on discounted prices with using our coupon code.

It might feel like some of “black market” situation searching the internet for synthetic urine.  The first place you might think to look is a retail website like Amazon.  It’s discreet.  It has (almost everything).  Why not?


Bad news though… a basic Amazon search shows that this product isn’t available.  There are some useful accessories and other less trustworthy-appearing options.  Our recommendation is obtain Quick Fix Plus from a vendor who stocks the stuff directly.

As the kids say, “shop local!”  When it comes to buying sytnethic urine on the internet, that might translate to “support small businesses!”

How does Quick Fix Plus Synthetic Urine work?

First of all, you should know there are two different products available from Quick Fix.  One is a smaller solution for two ounces; you can buy the Plus version for three ounces of synthetic urine. Even the best Sub Solution synthetic urine has to be mixed. Quick Fix, on the other hand, is almost ready-to-use right out of the box.

We recommend the second option because if you don’t fill up your cup enough, you may find yourself more anxious later on.

does Quick Fix Plus Synthetic Urine work

The makers of Quick Fix explain that their product is mostly used for those who want to use urine for sexual activities.  What you do with it your personal decision.

The kit comes with various components:

  • The bottle of patented synthetic urine solution
  • An easy-pour cap
  • One rubber band
  • Heat pack

The directions are fairly straight forward.

How do I use Quick Fix Synthetic Urine?

The system isn’t too hard to use, although it may feel like a middle school science project.

In fact, the common complaint about Quick Fix Synthetic Urine is that people are nervous to use it for the first time.  They feel scared to replace real urine with synthetic urine for many reasons.  However, synthetic urine doesn’t pose the same biological risk of real urine.

This is why many people prefer synthetic urine for something like pranks, sexual activities, and drug test equipment calibration.  The product contains biocide, so you know that you’re not going to get sick with the nasty stuff that often hides out in real urine.

To get started, you need to activate the included warming packet.  You need to be advised it could take up to half an hour before the temperature reaches its ideal point.

Take the solution in the bottle and shake it up.  Microwave the solution in the bottle for a few seconds, no more than 10.

The bottle has a strip to measure temperature.  The ideal temperature for synthetic urine is about 97°F, give or take three degrees.

When you pull the bottle from the microwave, you can use your body heat and/or the heat pack to keep the temperature stable for about five hours.

To attach the warming pack to the bottle, use the rubber band.

How do I know Quick Fix works?

There have been some horror stories about people using synthetic urine to try to pass a drug test with disastrous results.  Once, low creatinine was to blame.  Another, it was that darn biocide!

The good news is that Quick Fix® Plus knows about this.  They even have a way you can run your batch number against a database to ensure there are no problems.  Simply log on to their website and type your product’s batch number into the search tool.

The general experience with Quick Fix?

This kit as been pushed to bring and back.  The users on reddit stand by it.  That said, there have been a few challenges along the way with bad batches.

For about 40 USD a pop, it isn’t shabby!

The final word: Buy Quick Fix Synthetic Urine in bulk!

If you want to buy synthetic urine, chances are that you’re going to need a couple of bottles.  Not only do we recommend this product, but we recommend buying a several packages!

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