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Powdered Urine Review: Real Dehydrated Human Urine To Clear Drug Test

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Powdered Urine is sometimes used to try pass a drug test.

People may need to pass a drug test for a court ordered test, a pre-employment screening, or for other reasons.

What is powdered urine?

One company is famous for its powdered urine blend, TESTCLEAR.

The tagline reads “Powdered Urine Heating System.”

This product is designed for people with a vested interest in synthetic urine.

People require synthetic urine in powder form for a variety of reasons.  For example, people may have a sexual attraction that includes playing with urine (i.e. “golden showers” or “wet play”).  Others may want a batch for a prank to pull on a buddy of theirs. Here temperature of human urine plays important role to pass any urine drug test, so be careful while using.

There, of course, remains the group that searches for fake urine to pass a drug screen.

This powdered fake urine is dehydrated urine – just add water!  It has the urine composition of real, human urine (without drugs).

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How does powdered urine work?

The powdered urine solution requires the addition of water.  In the case of the test packet, it was 1:1.  In other words, if your solution was made from 3 ounces of urine, it will take 3 ounces of water to “bring it back to life.”

How to use testclear powdered urine kit



The other element to consider is heat.  That sample can’t go in cold.  It must go in hot!  Heat the sample up to about 96 degrees Fahrenheit.  You can use a microwave to get it to the temperature.  From there, wrap in a heat pack or use body heat to maintain the urine temperature for the most real feel.

What do the 2020 testclear synthetic urine reviews say? Does Powdered Urine work?

This is the million-dollar question, isn’t it?  Does powdered urine work to pass a drug test in 2020?

Everybody wants to know how great the product is.

Yes, Real powdered human urine does work.  Especially if you just want something that looks and smells like urine without dealing with the real thing.  Many happy campers have written rave reviews.

If you can’t trust somebody on the internet, who can you trust?

What do the 2020 reddit reviews say about TESTCLEAR powdered urine?

Buyers should always do their own research before shelling out big bucks for a product.

In this case, the rule couldn’t be truer!  Powdered urine will usually run you about 50 USD, so we don’t want anybody to waste their money on a product they think might be a dud.

powdered urine reddit reviews

If you want to know the truth about a product, just type in the product name and “reddit reviews” into a search engine.  You’re bound to find reviews and comments that should help you formulate a valid opinion on a product before purchasing.  People on reddit can be more reliable because they speak in anonymity. also we have included an full review about quick fix urine plus you can read for better understanding of these products comparisions.



In fact, some users provide additional tips and tricks!

This reddit review by azovo was posted in March 2020.

Review Summary:  The purchaser was surprised by a lucrative job opportunity.  One problem, though – a drug test!  Panicked, scared, and shaken, the user sought out TESTCLEAR powdered urine for help.  The user passed a five-panel drug screen by Quest and was proud to share the information.

The first listed comment on the post?  “Congrats!”

TESTCLEAR powdered urine Amazon

We typed in TESTCLEAR powdered urine into the Amazon Marketplace for 2020, and we didn’t find any results.

We found some similar products, but the TESTCLEAR product, powdered synthetic urine, seems to be availably only with select dealers who aren’t on Amazon.



There is a warning out there, folks:  You shouldn’t buy any type of synthetic urine from unreliable dealers, especially on auction websites or local listings.  These batches are often adulterated or expired.

When you want synthetic urine that is as close to the real thing as possible, you need to rely on a reputable vendor.

Have people failed a drug screen using powder urine by TESTCLEAR?

Great question.  What does the internet to have to say about it?

The first ten listings on a typical search result mention nothing of people using this product and failing a drug test.  In fact, some websites even mentioned the word fail only in the context of people who DIDN’T use urine powder.  That says a lot!

What comes in a Real Powdered Urine kit?

When you order your TESTCLEAR powdered urine kit, here’s what you will get:

  • One packet of powdered urine for drug test
  • Container for the solution
  • Thermometer
  • Heat sources

How do I use the powdered urine kit?

Creating the urine sample is actually pretty easy.  You might get nervous doing it if you have never been comfortable with scientific activities, but if you think about it like making a recipe, it isn’t too bad!

You mix some powered with water.  You throw it in the microwave.  You keep it warm until it’s go-time, and voila!

All you have to do is fill the tube with water and shake the solution until the powder dissolves.  Apply the heat until you get the temperature to about 96 degrees Fahrenheit.

The company offers a few other tips to help you out.  For example, if you are going to use this real powder urine to pass a drug screen, then perhaps you should make an appointment at the lab.  This eliminates the possibility of the urine going cold while you’re stuck in the waiting room.

There is no substitution for manufacturer directions, so follow them closely.

The powder urine has the elements that exist in real human urine, so it helps make a convincing case!

The company reiterates that the most important factors to consider are the urination is unsupervised.  you can’t pull this off with “Big Brother” staring down your neck.

The temperature is key.  If you don’t have the right temperature, you’re not going to get anywhere!

Dehydrated Human Powder Urine Review Summary:  Denise, a verified buyer, said it will “work like a charm!” on January 20, 2020.

Our 2020 Powdered Urine Review?

We did a whole lot of reading and web-searching to find out these useful facts. We aren’t scientists, but that never has stopped us from doing a little research.

For some, synthetic urine is a real lifesaver!  It has helped people in many different situations in the past.

If you’re on the fence, this is your sign to buy it.

Go ahead and order it.  Order two, just in case.  What do you have to lose?

Where can I buy powdered urine?

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