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Best Marijuana THC Detox: Methods That Actually Work

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How long does is it take to clear THC from my body?

The world may never know!  The time is different for everybody, but you can rid your body of THC faster with the right products, diet, and exercise.

If you’re anything like us, then you’re searching frantically for the right detox product that gets rid of THC because you’ve got a drug test coming up.  We have a product for you!

How I beat a Drug Test with a weed detox…

If you have a habit of consuming marijuana products that contain THC, you may find it difficult to pass a drug screen if given short notice. You must know exactly how long this weed stays in your system.

Detox from weed

Often the advice given when this scenario occurs isn’t that useful.  Only a time traveler could go back in time to warn your past-self of the impending drug screening.  If you could wait, you would.  But when time is of the essence, waiting around is not an option. The THC molecules are stockpiled in our fat tissue over time and it can take up to a month (or in some cases even 3 months) to completely get rid of it via urine and feces.

It doesn’t really help when the drug test is in a couple of days, not a couple of months!

There is a lot of folk advice out there on the internet and in the streets.  Some has its rumored success, but you really just don’t know unless a scientist conducts an official study.  These studies aren’t as common as maybe they should be, unfortunately.

And so, yes, there is a lot of guess work involved when you want to rid your body of THC as quickly as possible.  Some of us have learned that the hard way.

Many people try to flush out their system by drinking a ton of water.  That doesn’t work because you either don’t think enough water to succeed or you drink so much that you automatically fail for having urine that is so intentionally diluted.

The funny thing is that those daily beers don’t count against you on most screenings.  It only takes a day or so for alcohol to leave the human body.  Weed, on the other hand, can stick around for almost up to three months!

It’s so frustrating!  That’s why people are constantly taking to the internet and shopping centers searching for some kind of healthy, natural product that rids the body and its systems of traces of marijuana.

Remove THC as quickly as possible

Do THC Detox Products Sold on Amazon Work?

Read the reviews!  Watch out for scammers, though.

When people start to gossip about how to pass a drug test (even if you smoke weed regularly), you will hear many ideas.  They might start talking about the Amazon detox or pills from Walgreens.

There are those drugstore remedies that sound too good to be true (and they probably are).  Your friends may recommend some type of health food product or supplement solution, but you are just wasting your time and money on those if you don’t know what you’re doing.

If you are thinking about going to the vitamin store to buy a juice to clean out your system of the damage done by years of smoking weed, just stop.  Forget about that!  It doesn’t work so well. Can you risk it?

If your friends don’t stop themselves to ask how often do you actually use marijuana, then you need to consult some smarter friends.  If you smoke six joints a day, you are not going to cleanse your system of that THC very easily.  However, if you smoked one time at a party three months ago, you’re probably in the clear.

This is because the weed detox process takes longer if you consume more THC.  Then again, if you are a light consumer, then it is unlikely your body will require a lot of time to rid itself of the weed that once was in the system.

For light smokers, some natural methods will catch.  But it is hard to tell if people who smoke occasionally had success in detoxing or if they were clear all along.  Unless you conduct a controlled experiment or study, it can be hard to tell if the product worked or if dumb luck came into play.

There is another type of THC detox method that not many people know.  You can use a product that burns the fat cells that actually contain THC.  It helps remove THC from the system as the fat is processed!

Medical professionals know that the body composition, gender, and other biological factors like diet and exercise, can impact how quickly a person’s body can eliminate traces of THC in the body.

What is the 411 on the THC Detox Products from my Local Vitamin Shoppe?

When you consume marijuana, by smoking or eating, your body holds onto little pieces of those molecules for an indefinite period of time.  The structure of the molecule sends it to a certain part of the body, in this case the fat cell, where it lingers.  Vitamin shop detox solutions may help with that.

It can take one to three months for the fat cells to be able to rid themselves of the biological evidence of marijuana consumption.  The evidence can be found in urine or feces for several weeks after the last time the marijuana was consumed.

Fat is deposited on the body.  It sits still.  It can continue to release THC into the bloodstream.  When it filters through those kidneys, on its way into a drug test urine collection cup at the laboratory, THC comes with it.  Positive test!  That’s no good.

Many people don’t realize that a case of the midnight munchies isn’t only causing you to pack on the pounds but also to lock down more of that THC in your body’s fat stores.

For this reason, the best way to eliminate marijuana from the body is to focus on burning the THC-containing fatty tissues.

How can we burn the fat?  Exercise! But that will take some time (and effort that not everybody has time and energy for these days).

Is there a shortcut?  Where’s the shortcut?  People burn fat with diet pills…

We don’t recommend taking supplements, diet pills, or any type of medicine without consulting a physician.

There are some products that can get THC out of the body by burning bodyfat.  If you burn enough fat, you will be able to produce a clean test.

Some remedies that have been successful for a few light smokers have related to exercise (aka turning the heat up).  They run.  They swim.  They hang out in the sauna.  These actions may work, but they’re not always certain.  It depends on how often you consume weed.

Then again, when somebody puts in all this effort, they could be selling themselves short by increasing fiber to give everything a good strong push on the way out.

Imagine taking those steps with a product that could burn that fat from inside out.  Goodbye, THC!  Some products focus on really pumping out the product, but if they’re not burning fat at the same time, it’s just not going to work right!

Can I use a THC Detox drink or THC Detox Kits from a Vitamin Shoppe to pass a drug test?

The short answer is no.

Some people like the cleansing ritual of a juice-themed detox.  They pick their favorite flavor and spend a day or sipping out of some obnoxious container or flashy water bottle.  All they talk about is how they have to run into the bathroom because they are a on detox (for a drug test).

To each their own.  Maybe we’ve all been there one way or another.  However, it goes without saying that this can be annoying, especially if you are the one who is doing all the running back and forth to the loo.

We just plain don’t recommend these drinks.  They can be filled with strange ingredients, for one.  Two, you don’t look as cool as you think you do, sitting around sipping on that drink all day.  Three, they often get you in more trouble when the drug test place accuses of you “tampering with the test.”

If you didn’t know, the drug screen test includes measuring for how diluted the urine is.  If it seems fake, they’re going to call you out on it.

Some of these drinks don’t even give you a detox.  Instead, they pump some kind of other molecule into your bloodstream and urine so that it hides the trail of the THC.  At least that’s the claim…

If your friends tell you to try something fruity, pass.

The Truth about THC and the Best Detox Drinks…

Think about ridding your body of THC like taking protein when you work out a lot.

It doesn’t happen overnight, no matter how hard we try.  The body slowly absorbs that protein, when you exercise, to repair damaged muscle.  It isn’t a fast process at all. In fact, for many of us, it is a painfully slow one.

The body is doing the same kind of slow process with the THC that is built up in your fatty tissue.

In other words, those little detox drinks your friends are sipping on can be fun for the branding efforts or if you’re an influencer on social media, but you’re going to have sip on that for about a month if you want a clean drug screen.

We don’t want to be that friend, but we’re going to mention the other nasty things in that detox drink… diuretics (makes you urinate more), caffeine, sugar, etc.  You may as well go ahead and have that cup of coffee instead.

Of course, the wait and see, totally 100% natural process, is still on the table.  Then again, that will take some time, maybe up to three months.  It could involve changes in diet and exercise, too.  Now, to be honest, we do recommend it if you have the time.

You can find a lot of happiness in making a lifestyle change.

Should I only drink a THC Detox Drink that is made in the USA?

Choosing a USA-produced THC Detox Drink is a smart choice, but it a choice every person makes for themselves.  It doesn’t matter where a product is from so much as it does that it is effective in removing THC from the body’s fat cells. Detox drinks that dilute urine can lower the concentration of THC-COOH in your urine sample. You will find a list of these best detox drinks for drug test here.

If you are okay with masking for a drug screen, then more power to you.  It isn’t that we are ethically against it.  On the contrary, we are ethically against surprise drug tests for a substance that is gaining legal status across the world, of a substance that is now often used as medicine for pain or epilepsy.

Nevertheless, there is the train of thought that brings people to the internet searching for products that they can use to mask THC to pass a drug test.  They want to be able to disguise the marijuana floating around in the urine, so to say.

That isn’t how it works, though.  The fact of the matter is that you are really going for dilution when you go this route.

Guess what.  The people down at the laboratory are totally on to you.  People try dilution all the time to hide their weed habit.  It doesn’t work!

The lab technicians are professionals who have been trained well enough to know a watered-down urine sample when they see one.  They quickly realize that that specific gravity of 1.005-1.010 g/ml is off, and they know.

The only other option for the lab technician to consider is that you are having some kind of a kidney problem which requires medical attention.  If that’s the case, then you can have a doctor clear you, but you’ll have to deal with the issues related to your kidney.

It could actually work against you more to lie and cover a drug test than just to fail it honestly, depending on your situation.  We wouldn’t chance it.

For these reasons, when somebody brings up a detox drink to mask the THC, give them a big W for “whatever” and find something else.

Are there Vegan ways to Rid the Body of THC for a Drug Test?

Yes, you can go the au natural route to rid your body of a substance such as THC.  The answer, you may not like though.  You stop using the drug.  You eat better.  You exercise.  You wait.

You can enjoy a nice cup of (THC-FREE) green tea while you wait.

Although that might be nice and totally doable in a perfect world, the world in which we live is far from perfect.  We live in a world where there are surprise drug tests for a substance that is becoming more and more socially accepted.  Yet, we continue to subject ourselves to shameful experiences avoiding a positive drug screen showing the usage of THC.

The natural way may not work for you if you don’t have the time to let it really do its thing.

You’re not really actively eliminating THC from urine or feces with exercise alone.  It’s just kind of happening at its own pace.  That natural pace may not be fast enough for you.

You could hurry it along a little with a push from diuretics like cranberry juice, lemon water, coffee, and tea.

It’s not going to work any miracles, but it doesn’t hurt.

Fitness influencers on the internethave recommended a low-cal diet up until the drug test date.  Then on the day before the drug test, go wild.  They also believe that some high-intensity cardio can speed up the process.  Thanks, Fitness People of the Internet!

They’re not medical professionals, but it’s the news you wanted to hear.

What are the best THC Detox Drink Diets?

Ask a doctor if you want to know how a diet works!  In general, if you want to get rid of THC, then you need to shrink down fat cells so the THC is gone once and for all.

If you want to burn fat, exercise a little more; eat a little less.  Talk to a doctor or trainer for a plan that will work just for you.

They say a calorie deficit each day helps keep the drug technician’s positive stamp away.  Okay, maybe they don’t say that, but they could.

Think about what a low-calorie diet actually entails.  It means that you are going to burn more calories than you consume in a day.  You exercise more and eat less.  That will get those fat cells shrinking!

That’s how you’re going to burn that fatty tissue.  That’s how you’re going to get rid of THC the natural way!

Determine how many calories you should be consuming based on your gender, weight, height, and activity levels.  Then, determine how few calories can consume in a day without losing your mind or hurting yourself.

Nobody should attempt to consumer less than 800 calories a day; a typical “diet” reduces calories to about 1500 calories each day.

There is no rule an amateur can readily give a stranger on the internet.  To learn about what a safe diet for you looks like, talk to a medical professional or sports trainer.

Remember the end goal, here:  We want to pump the fat right out of you (and THC contained right within it).

Does the natural diet and exercise approach work?  Yes!  How long does it take?  It varies!  Can you use it before your next drug test?  We don’t know.  It depends on how much time you have (as well as many other factors like the amount of weed you regularly consume, your natural body composition, etc.).

You do have one good thing coming if you go the natural diet way.  You have a cheat day right before the big test.  People eat as many as 5000 calories on the cheat day.

It stops up the THC that might linger!  There will be extra fat forming in your tissues, and it will create a temporary seal so that THC isn’t at large in bloodstream causing you to get a FAIL on your drug screen.

These extreme diet measures aren’t recommended for everybody.  Be careful out there.  We’d rather have you with a failed drug test and be alive than not be alive at all.  Talk to a doctor or trainer before making adjustments to your diet.

Can I work out if I use THC?

If you are currently “high” or under the effects of THC, stay home.  You shouldn’t be exercising.

If you’re giving up the stuff for a while and want to get that heart pumping, then by all means, go ahead (if your doctor has given you approval).  It’s the best way to burn those THC-sucking fat cells.

Maybe two-a-days would be a good idea right now, but that isn’t going to be in the cards for everybody.

You could try running, jogging, riding your bike, or going for a swim.  Anything cardio is going to be a good idea.  That will get the THC out of your system in no time flat.

Just take a day off before the test when you have your cheat day.  You want to send that message to your fat cells that it’s okay to hold on to what they normally release (AKA the THC).

How do I pass a drug test if I smoked weed?

To pass a drug test, you must actively eliminate THC.

Again, if you’re thinking of combining methods, we urge you to look at some natural routes.  A cup of coffee, the diet/exercise routine, these are two great ideas.

The sugary detox drinks… stay away from those!

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again.  Those little detox drinks just don’t cut it for us.  They result in failed drug tests because it looks like the person taking the test “cheated.”  That doesn’t look good no matter how you spin it!

You want to think about not only burning the THC-containing fat from the body but also about actively rushing that THC out of the body via the bloodstream.

Does that mean a little extra time in the bathroom?  It will be worth it when your drug screen comes back negative!

We are big proponents of going the extra mile, turning your life around, trying new paths, and the like.  We want people to live their best lives, whatever that means to them.  For some that means using the drug test detox to spur a fitness spree.  It’s fine!  Just be sure that you’re making it count.

Where can I buy what Detox Pros Recommend?

The THC in the body has got to go somewhere, doesn’t it?  Just like anything else you consume, chocolate, wine, strawberries, etc., you’re going to have to process it and expel it.

Yes, you’re going to let the THC out into the toilet in the form of urine or feces.

Remember, urine passes through the kidneys.  That’s part of the filtration system at work.  Then, food stuffs pass through the liver to become feces which will be evacuated through the bowels.  You will literally flush your THC away!

A lot of detox drinks focus on urine.  Since you have to urinate for the test, it makes perfect sense on the surface.  They are measuring the presence of THC in your urine.  For that reason, the temptation to dilute your urine with a detox drink runs strong.

If you’re only focusing on the clean urine test, you’re doing it wrong.  To really clean your system, you need to expel THC through the kidneys and the liver.  Number one AND number two.  No ifs, ands, or buts.  Pun intended.

Exercise and passing it all in the bathroom!?  Ugh, this is so stressful if you haven’t heard about Toxin Rid.

What is Toxin Rid?  Does Toxin Rid work?

Toxin rid is a product that can be used to help eliminate THC from the body’s system in the form of both urine and feces.  This is the result of a fat-focused flush that pushes THC out through both the kidneys and the liver.

All of that pent-up THC is going to sail straight out of you, and you will live to tell the tale… with a clean drug screen!  That’s pretty promising news, isn’t it?

The Toxin Rid 10-Day Detox comes to you legally as a dietary supplement program.  The kit contains three bottles of ProRid Tablets, Detox Liquid, and Dietary Fiber. You can read a full Toxin Rid detox review here.

The bottle reads “scientifically developed for people with Extreme Toxin Exposure.”

Wow.  We wouldn’t have thought to call THC a toxin, but here we are.  It may as well be.  It is something in the body that we’d be better off without (at least on drug test day).

At the end of the day, it’s basically a fiber supplement that keeps everything moving the way it is supposed to be moving, if not a little more.  Who couldn’t use a little (or big) push?

The product is available in 3-day, 5-day, and 10-day regimens, so that is useful!

This product works best when combined with diet and exercise (of course it does).  We know!  But the diet, the extra exercise, and the effort will add up when it comes to all the active THC elimination you’re going to see.

Things will really be in your favor if you put the effort into the exercise and diet part.

Toxin Rid Worked for Me

Does Toxin Rid work?  We’d be rich if we have a nickel for every time somebody asked us if this product works.  It says “money back guarantee” right on the label!

Our additional hint is that you should stock up on at-home drug tests to see if you can pass the screenings at the lab.

If you’re coming clear test after test, then you’re golden.  If you’re not, then you need to wait.  The professionals in the drug test game will try up to ten tests just to be sure.

There are plenty of success stories out there!

Is the End Near for THC Testing and the market for THC Detox Products?

This too shall pass.  Your drug test problems may come to an end once you pass the test.

After you pass a drug screen, you should take the opportunity to determine if you want to go back to how your life was before the detox regimen.

Do you want to use the same amount?  Why or why not?  If you have already broken your habit while anticipating the test, or if this test is some sort of court-appointed regularly scheduled thing, then you may think twice about diving back into smoking marijuana.

In many parts of the world, from Canada to Colorado, people are opening up to the idea of the legalization/decriminalization of marijuana and THC-based products.

Until universal acceptance, however, people will be drug testing the working man.  If you end up in hot water, try exercise, diet, and Rid Tox.  You know who to call.

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