Best Detox Drinks To Fail A Drug Test (With Real People Reviews)

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Do you best ways to pass a Drug Test?

We have compiled reviews of several leading THC Detox Drinks that work best.

In a day and age when some localities like Colorado and Canada allow their citizens to indulge in a little THC-fun now and then, it is surprising that other government bodies seem to be cracking down. Employers and government agencies alike can require people to submit to a drug screening, sometimes without much notice.

When this happens, you need to be prepared.  Put yourself in detox mode immediately.  Seek a way to cleanse your system so that you can start over on a different drug-free path.

If you’ve come here looking for information on the best detox drink to remove THC from your body, then you’ve come to the right place.  Take a seat.  We’ve got all the information you need.

Best detox drinks

Should I buy a Detox Drink from Amazon, Vitamin Shoppe, or GNC?

Sometimes life has a funny way of keeping us down.  When we think everything is going right, we’re suddenly confronted with an obstacle we just were not expecting.  It might be an unfortunate medical diagnosis, a car accident, a breakup, or an unforeseen drug test.

When you have to pass a drug screening, and you know you have recently indulged in the green stuff, you know that you have a challenge ahead.  This sends people into the nervous-worry zone, frantically typing “detox drinks that work” on the internet, hoping to find a miracle that can save the day.

If you find yourself clicking through website after website, with tabs open from vendors like Amazon, Vitamin Shoppe, GNC, Walmart, and the like, then you need to slow down. You can read more about best THC detox kits and program here.

You’re going to be okay.

How effective are THC Detox Drinks?

In life, there are people who deal with their problems head on and those who feel like a victim to circumstance.  Even in the question of detox drinks and drug testing, this is 100% true!

You can call up the laboratory and tell them the truth: you’ve recently smoked marijuana, so there is no point in taking the test.

You might look into synthetic urine to get by.  You might head to the sauna and drink a lot of water.  You might try the most obvious answer:  a THC detox drink.

Take control of your life.  Try your best.  See what happens!

In short, these THC Detox drinks might be more effective than you think.  They’re on the market for a reason, after all!

Which THC Detox Drinks actually work?

For many people, this is the tough question.  There are many drinks on the market.  Do they work?  Which detox drinks work?  How much should I spend?

Before you get yourself all into a tizzy playing twenty questions, here is the truth:  THC Detox Drinks can work (but not for the heavy, chronic, several-joints-a-day smokers).  They work even better if you quit for the time-being, switch to a healthier diet, and exercise a little.  By the way, you’re going to have to follow the directions on the label, too.

The surefire way to pass a drug test is to not use drugs.  You can call it quits at least 45 days prior to the drug test date.  In fact, if you find it impossible to do this, you may need to reconsider your drug use altogether.

Then again, sometimes you don’t know the drug test is coming, so then you have to think on your feet.  You could buy synthetic urine.  You could also try a full THC detox system.

What about using synthetic urine to pass a drug test?

Synthetic urine is “fake pee.”  When you have to pass a drug screening that analyzes your urine, you can actually hand off an artificial solution.  No, you can’t throw some lemonade in a cup.  People have tried!  It doesn’t work.

You can, however, search for products that are so close to the formula of human urine that machines and lab technicians both are fooled.  The solution has all of the biological markers of human urine (but without the evidence of drug use).

You order a best synthetic urine kit for 2020, mix the powder with tap water, find a way to reach the ideal temperature and voila, you have fake urine for a drug test, clean and ready to go!

Not everybody likes this method because it can feel like an eighth-grade science project gone wrong.  If you screw up the recipe, you could effectively be turning yourself in.  Horror stories of urine coming up cold at the drug screening have resulted in terrible consequences for some.

Where can I find the best THC Detox Drink reviews?

Ask and you shall receive.

Today, reviews for all types of items are etched into every corner of the internet.

Detox drinks find themselves on Reddit and Amazon.  People come in droves to buy products.  If they work, they rave about them.  If they don’t, they rant about them.  This is one of those times that doing your homework is definitely going to pay off.

Keep reading.  We’ve got the reviews you seek.

Frequently Asked Questions about Detox Drinks…

When you need help with a problem, there are so many ways to approach it.  You could try guess and check.  You could ask an expert.  You could do a little independent research.

We have compiled a list of Detox Drink commonly asked questions for your convenience.

Do Detox Drinks Show Up on a Drug Screening?

Normally, detox drinks do not show up on the drug screening results.  Even if they don’t work, it isn’t likely the lab technician is going to come out from the back room to accuse of using a detox drink… at least not without some highly accurate, expensive, and time-consuming analysis.

It isn’t like the test looks for cranberry juice!  The test is registering other biomarkers that show evidence of the use of narcotics.

You should be the lookout for overly diluted urine, though.  If it seems like you intentionally drank gallons of water to fool the lab, the technician is going to notice.

Can I drink Coffee to Pass a Drug Test?

What a crazy idea, really.  How would coffee help you pass a drug test on its own?  You’re going to do something that makes you nervous hopped on caffeine?

Science tells us the only effect that could help, ever so slightly, would be increased urination helping to keep things moving along in terms of ridding your body of the toxins left behind after drug use.

The good news is that coffee doesn’t hurt your situation, so if you’re tired from all the stress of trying to figure this out, driving through your favorite coffee shop is still a viable option!

How much cranberry juice should I drink to pass a drug test?

Cranberry juice is good for us when isn’t cocktail (aka all sugar).  Yet, it is a far cry from a magic cure.  It might help you urinate more, which can help to a small extent.

The confusion comes in that many detox drinks have cranberries or cranberry flavor.  Truth be told, it’s marketing.  It is just for fun, for psychological effect.  You can’t depend on cranberry juice unless you a truly light marijuana smoker… like you sparked a joint one time at an ugly sweater Christmas party three weeks ago.  It isn’t for the person who spends all day smoking weed on the lawn.

Can I sip on some lemonade to pass a drug test?

You can’t sip on some lemonade to pass a drug test, no.  You can’t submit lemonade in the place of urine either.  It might make sense that a translucent, drug-free, yellow drink could be just what the doctor ordered.  Then again, a doctor would never order it for this purpose because it plain just doesn’t work.

It isn’t the worst though.  When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!  When life sends you a drug test, though, find a reliable THC detox drink!

Can I buy a THC Detox Drink at a Health Food Store?

You can certainly ask at your local health food store if THC Detox Drinks are on the menu.  Be careful, though.  These yoga-loving whole foods gurus are going to try to sell you something with chia seeds or kale or avocado and tell you that you’re going to pass your drug test with flying colors.

The colors you might see are red and blue when the police roll up to question you about your drug use.  This isn’t the time to be taking any chances!  Just gowith the professionals and buy a detox product that is actually known to work.

How can I detox from THC with a drink?

Let’s be real for a moment.  How much marijuana are we talking about here?

One joint a month isn’t really that much in the grand scheme of things.  You can quit the habit, do a detox, and no worries.  Even a hit off of a pen just one time isn’t likely to push you over the brink on your drug screen.

If you’re smoking several joints a week (or a day), then you need to rethink your situation.  No detox drink can help you now.

We can wholeheartedly recommend a THC detox drink if you are a light user (once in a while, occasionally, here and there).  If you are a moderate user, the one-joint-every-Saturday type, okay, sure, probably.

If you smoke or consume marijuana more often than that, you need to look into other options.

A drug test is a scientific study.  The technicians are looking for 50 ng/ml.  Sometimes the test looks for less, so you might find it more difficult to pass if you are a more moderate user.

Often what happens is that people do commit to quitting before a drug test, but the at-home tests are showing a positive.

If you’ve done the work for a couple of weeks, but you’re not convinced you’ll pass, then a detox drink could help you finish off the process of ridding your body of that residual THC.  You might at least get enough dilution to make a run for it.

Why do people use the Best THC Detox Drinks?

Why do people use THC Detox Drinks in general?  To pass a drug test or for peace of mind.  Some people don’t even have a drug test.  It just occurs to them that their body has this THC hiding out in their fat cells, and they don’t like it. They want to keep their bodies clean, pure, and healthy.

THC Detox drinks can be used to dilute a person’s urine.

Sometimes these drinks cause people to urinate more, sending more water to the bladder.  This can help dilute the urine so that the amount of THC lingering in the body is less in the urine sample.  In other words, it isn’t so concentrated, resulting in a pass.

In other cases, people believe the product “masks” the THC or other substances in the urine.  This could be true if we think of our basic high school science.  Maybe something binds with something else, effectively invalidating the ability to test for the original molecules.  This is tricky and some people consider to be an urban legend.

Finally, some THC detox drinks may work as advertised.  THC is targeted in the body, found in the fat cells, and removed in the process.  It doesn’t seem to be validated by the science though.

The most likely theory is the dilution idea.  The diuretic nature of a detox drink, much like coffee, can help lessen the concentration of detectable THC in the urine.  This results in a PASS!

Best THC Detox Drinks Reviews

Have you had your fill of the urban legends, “scientific” facts, and life lessons in general?

Now is the time to reveal the best THC detox drinks in town.

We’ve done our homework to bring you reviews of the top products.  To compile our list, we have focused on a few factors.

Based on the “science,” we’re going with the dilution products.  We want products that increase urine production so that the concentration of the detectable THC levels falls to an unrecognizable level.  Then, we want to focus on reputation.  If the company has a good name, we’ll stand by them.  Finally, user reviews will tell us the truth about the success of such detox products.

As we move through the reviews, if we discover any other exciting tips or tricks, we’ll be sure to forward the information along to you!

XXtra Clean Detox Drink by Detoxify

Use XXTRA CLEAN to help pass a supervised drug test.XXtra Clean is a top choice for many, especially if you check out reviews on websites like Amazon.

Some people claim it doesn’t work, but they have many happy customers.  The people who didn’t have success probably didn’t follow directions or are very heavy smokers.  Detox drinks are not recommended for the heaviest of smokers as stated several times throughout this blog post.  We can’t stress that enough!

Granted, success still registers as hit or miss, so shop carefully.

XXtra Clean increases urine production, so we’re getting that full dilution effect which is good news for those hoping to pass a drug screening.

The directions are straightforward:

  • Choose your day for the detox.
  • Shake the bottle well before drinking.
  • Consume the bottle’s contents.
  • Wait about 15 minutes. Fill the bottle with water and drink again.
  • If you have to urinate a lot, the product is working!
  • Chug, chug, chug. Keep the water coming, but don’t make yourself sick.

Some people use “PreCleanse Herbal Capsules” to help the process.  The company also recommends healthy exercise.

Buy XXtra Clean 

As an herbal blend, there are many vitamins in the mix, so that’s a plus!

Herbal ingredients include nettle, ginseng, dandelion, milk thistle, and Hawthorne berry.

Rescue Cleanse 32oz by ClearChoice (+ Pre-Cleanse Pills)

The name of the game is dilution.  We want that extra liquid to help flush the system!

If you’re into cranberry and apple flavors, this drink is the drink for you!  It offers a five-hour window of security, so that is a plus.  You just have to take the pre-cleanse pills to amp up that THC evacuation process.  Your system will be as clean as a whistle before you know it.

Many users have said that a three-hour window is better when it comes to this detox drink.  Users have reported running to the bathroom to urinate as soon as they finish the drink.  It can be strange, but it means it is working.

By time the drug test comes around, you will be rolling in clean, diluted urine.  Hopefully not literally, but you get the idea!

If you are going to go with Clear Choice, go with the best you can get (maximum strength).

To use this product, you’re going to have go “cold turkey” on all drugs fore 72 hours before use.  This includes marijuana, alcohol, and nicotine.  Don’t eat fatty foods either!

Drink the product on an empty stomach, approximately 120 minutes before the time of the screening.  Like with other products, you’ll drink the juice and then fill the bottle with water and drink that concoction 15 minutes later.  Follow the directions on the label!

Mega Clean 32oz Cleansing Drink by Detoxify (+6 Pre-Cleanse Pills)

Mega Clean Detoxifying Drink

This brand enjoys some notoriety but also some infamy. It works for many, but user reviews on the internet have revealed some hiccups for some, most likely from not following the directions.

The solution includes a beverage filled with vitamins and herbal extracts, so you know you’re getting something good out of it.  The pre-cleanse pills are definitely an added bonus.

Many people have sworn by this product, claiming to have used it for a detox that got them through difficult times.

In this kit, you will find a bottle of the drink, instructions, and six tablets/pills.

It is recommended to drink 20 ounces of water every two hours until you take the solution.  You should keep it up for two additional hours after consuming the product.

Don’t have a greasy meal before the test.  THC hangs out in fat!

Buy Mega Clean 

How effective are THC detox drinks?

You be the judge!  Many people will buy these products in bulk to keep a little extra on hand.  It’s a good idea!  You can even do a “dry run” at home with at-home drug tests to verify the whole thing will work the way you want it to.  If it doesn’t, keep trying.  Look into other options, too.

Hope is the best medicine.

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