5 panel urine drug test

5 Panel Urine Drug Test That You Should Know

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To know the quantity and types of drugs people are using, the government organizations use a 5 panel urine drug test. In this test, the drug test administrators collect the samples of the urine of the victim and analyze it through a set of processes.  You can find various way check how to pass a urine drug test that never failed.

Many people today are addicted to various kinds of life-threatening drugs. From a middle-class college student to big celebrities, everyone is flying in the lap of drugs. However, the government and a few other departments regulate the consumption of drugs. 

Usually, this drug test examines the various types of drugs in the human body such as marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, etc. 

Want to know more about 5-panel urine drug tests? If yes, then just go ahead and know more. 

Drugs tested using a 5-panel urine drug test

As mentioned above this test examines various drug types. These include marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, phencyclidine, opiates, Ecstasy, Methamphetamines, 6-Acetylmorphine (6-MAM, a Metabolite of Heroin), Morphine, Codeine, Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, Hydromorphone, Oxymorphone, and many more. 

Usually, the administrators collect the samples of urine and analyze it. In some laboratories, the administrators take hair or blood. However, testing through hair or blood is difficult. So, many prefer urine to analyze drug intake. Also, urine drug tests give you accurate results. 

Here is more about each drug that is tested through a 5-panel urine drug test.


  • It is one of the most common types of the drug found in several teens and elderly too often.
  • Sometimes, this drug might be prescribed by the doctor depending on the various health issues. However, it’s illegal to take without any doctor consultation. 
  • It’s found in various forms including cookies, oils, flower buds, etc. 
  • Consumption of marijuana gives relief from pain without making you unconscious. 
  • Although marijuana is used in several cancer therapies, medications, and radiation therapies, this drug is still considered illegal. 
  • So, one should not take this drug without the doctor’s advice. 


  • It is one of the most popular drugs that gives joy and pleasure. So, many people get addicted to this drug. 
  • As it is white, several suppliers sell this in the form of baking soda, flours, or fillers. 
  • It produces its effects when inhaled or injected into the body. It promotes weakness, reduces hunger, and gives pleasure. 
  • Regular intake of this drug results in physical and psychological issues. This is very harmful even. 


  • Unlike other drugs, it’s used to make other harmful drugs such as heroin, morphine, etc. 
  • When these drugs are sniffed or injected, it reduces pain in the users. 
  • These are also sometimes used in the medication in a limited manner to relieve patients from pains and injuries.

PCP or Phencyclidine:

  • It relieves all sorts of mental stress and depression. This is the reason it’s the most commonly stolen drug from many labs. 
  • The color of this drug is yellow and when sniffed, smoked, or injected, it gives joy and pleasure. And relieves from depression and stress. 
  • However, if taken in excess, it could lead to several mental illnesses. 


  • Like all other drugs, it also produces pleasure, makes you stay alert, awake longer, and is more focused. 
  • Due to these positive results, this drug is mostly used by employers, businessmen, students, actors, actresses, etc. 
  • This drug is either found in powder or crystal forms. 
  • However, if people are addicted to this drug then it results in physiological as well as psychological illnesses.

This is all about the drugs that are tested using the 5-panel urine drug test. 


The 5-panel urine drug test gives results either positive, negative, or inconclusive. Positive indicates the presence of drugs in your body, negative indicates no drug samples in your body. And finally, inconclusive results say that you have to re-submit your samples as the process of testing has failed. 

As these drugs are destructive, when taken in excess, these are illegal. One should not take these drugs without the doctor’s prescription. 

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